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SensorsView Pro is intended to provide you with important information about your system’s performance. As this application can read data from the sensors located in critical parts of your PC, you can have access to data like the temperature of your processor and hard disks, as well as current usage levels of your RAM memory, processor, network adapters, and hard disks.

Using the program is quite simple. By default, it appears as a small window on your desktop displaying the said info updated in real time. Your processor’s temperature is shown for each of the cores separately. Similarly, memory, processor, and hard disk usage appears in a series of gauges. In addition, there is a history graph showing each core’s temperature on a timeline. By clicking on this graph you can get a more detailed view of it. Besides the processor temperature, the graph can also be set to provide data about fans and voltages as well as CPU and HDD usage. Moreover, you can also open a statistics window including these data along with others, such as computer name, current user, system uptime, average memory usage, etc.

Although the default configuration seems right for me, you can customize the program’s appearance. Moreover, you can set alarms to tell you when the temperature rises to a specific level. These alarms can trigger various types of events, such as showing notifications via tray, shutting down your PC, playing a sound, executing a selected file or command, and sending an e-mail to a given address. Another useful feature is that the application can keep alarm and event logs.

In general, SensorsView Pro is a small and simple application that can provide you with accurate data about your system’s activity. It can be most useful for those users who want to protect their computers from the physical damage caused by overheating. Similarly, it can be used to measure additional load resulting from running a given program.

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  • It is very easy to use
  • It provides accurate data
  • It supports triggering various types of alarms
  • It can keep logs


  • The interface is not very attractive
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